Many advisors know that the sales process has recently changed, but it’s difficult to know exactly how or why it’s changed. The answer is actually pretty simple. The advent of technology has created “Information Equivalence.” It used to be that clients had no way of learning about you or your products in any way other than meeting face to face. Today clients have access to almost all the same information as we have. Through the tools we’ve built, and the EDGE Sales Process, we teach advisors not only how to survive, but the benefit from this new sales environment.

“Sales in todays environment has to be educationally focused and offer real value—the days of smooth talking salesman are over."

Brian RectorPartner

Presentation Materials

When you present your solutions to your client, you’re faced with the challenge of selling something that’s intangible. In our work with some of the country’s top advisors that packaging your presentations in high-quality materials helps your solution feel like a true plan. Rather than paying a designer and printer tens-of-thousands of dollars, we’ve done all the work for you, giving you access to the highest quality tools you can begin using immediately.

Sales Tools

Ideas are like fire. Even the idea applied to your appointment process can grow into surging flame. But as an independent advisor, you may be left alone when it comes to generating new selling ideas. We’re committed to being your idea factory, and deliver cutting-edge sales concepts to you regularly. Our suite of proven point of sale tools, creative illustrations, stories-that-sell and regular sales articles.

EDGE Process

In the information age, we need to approach selling differently knowing that our clients are more informed than ever before. Rather than looking at this as a negative, we embrace the information age and use it to our advantage in or education-based EDGE sales process. Edge is a four-part sales process: Evaluation, Delivery, Guidance and Execution. Following this innovative sales framework, our advisors are able to become the trusted source of education and win more clients.

Sales Test Lab

Have you ever felt like a guinea pig testing out a marketing program that’s not proven in the field? That will never happen at Able Financial Group, because we have a Sales Test Lab. In addition to being a Co-Founder and the Director of Sales at Able, Brian Rector also runs his own personal client-facing financial services firm. We take full advantage of this by trying new ideas out locally. This benefits you because you’ll never use a program that hasn’t first been proven, and also gives you access to cutting-edge strategies we’ve already mastered.

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