Knowing product is an important part of being a great advisor, but getting into the weeds with every carrier, product and rider can distract you from what you do best. Our expert case design team does the heavy lifting for you. After a thorough analysis of each situation, we’ll give you the best fit for each client you work with. Our attention to detail ensures you’re presenting the most competitive solution every time and gives you confidence knowing you’re doing what’s best for your client. Focus your time on what you do best, and let our staff do the rest.

“I am very passionate and dedicated to assisting my advisors to succeed in their business. By sharing in-depth product knowledge and completing substantial case design, advisors can feel extremely confident in presenting a solution to their clients that they know is the absolute best for the client. That is really what we are all doing in this industry is helping clients to protect and grow their money so they can have a secure retirement. When you are looking for an organization to work with, my recommendation is to look for a partner, someone who cares about you and your family and your clients. The advisors I work with are my friends and there is nothing better than working to help your friends succeed.”

Allison Hejlik SchaecherPartner

Case Design Process

At Able, we believe that the client is the #1 priority. There are 3 Pillars to case design: Purpose, Compliance and Confidence. We need first of all to determine the purpose of the money. What is it needing to accomplish for the client? Secondly, are their other variables determining who will take the business, and additional stipulations that we need to factor in regarding carrier availability, financials of the client, etc. Lastly, we want you to exude confidence when presenting because you know that we did exceptional work for you to ensure it is a good fit for the client.

Annuity Purpose

  • No income: just safety, growth and tax deferral
  • Income now and for life
  • Income later and for life
  • Increasing income to combat inflation
  • Annuity with long term care protection
  • Annuity for flexible premiums

Life Insurance Purpose

  • Net-zero cost death benefit protection
  • Transfer of wealth
  • De-qualify assets from RMDs with life insurance
  • College funding
  • Tax-free income
  • Estate and Legacy planning
  • LTC protection
  • 401k alternative

Retirement Analyzer Pro

Make your sales presentations come to life with beautiful and informative charts personalized for each client. Because we’re so confident this powerful solution will help you close more sales, full-access to the suite of products is available free of charge to all our advisors.

Annuity Carriers

Having access to the top carriers is expected in today’s environment. Our carriers represent the very top of financial stability, competitive products and integrity.

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Life Carriers

Life insurance is one part of your business where having the right tool is often times the difference between closing a case and losing it. With our wide selection of carriers you can place cases that are difficult to underwrite, offer the highest performing cash accumulation products available, and tackle the most demanding estate planning issues imaginable.

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Amber Moses

Contracting specialist

Amber is a huge asset to our team and provides world class administrative support to Able and to the agent’s that are partnered with us. Amber has incredible attention to detail and extensive software experience which enables her to create and customize essential marketing materials for our agents. She assists in recruitment of new agents, scheduling, printing, processing, contracting, along with anything and everything else that will help our agency grow and our agent’s as a direct result.

Amber is a loving wife and mother to 2 daughters, Sydney and Kaylee. She enjoys playing soccer in her off time and spending time with her family.

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