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Pat Lanigan, CLU


Jonathan Musgrave

  • Increase your closing ability with new, innovative tools
  • Attract CPAs who refer millions in sales to you
  • Learn the only two sales you will ever make and how to present them
  • Leverage the power of life insurance and explode your income
  • Build your brand and bolster your marketing efforts
  • Effortlessly integrate powerful social media tools into your practice

You’ve been to other training events where some “mega producer” wows you with his “secrets to success.” But what happened next? After just enough schmoozing to get you to contract, you are left with no support, and no way to receive help from the mega producer.

The Total Practice is different. Here we are focusing not on how much business you HAVE written, but getting you to the level you WANT TO write at. Our main goal is to help producers reach their sales goals that their current marketing groups are ignoring. Every producer needs help in different business areas: some in sales strategies, some in marketing their practice, and others with product knowledge and case design. The Total Practice is not a commercial – it’s real training to real producers from really motivated people who are dedicated to growing your practice.

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