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Unlocking the secrets to success in 2015

The Total Practice Elite is unlike any training event you’ve seen before. It’s not a pitch-filled recruiting event disguised as a training session. At the Total Practice Elite we’ll drill deep into three imperative topics that will make a difference in your practice immediately and enable you to achieve your goals in 2015.


Keynote Speaker – Tom Hegna

Author of two best-selling books, retired Lieutenant Colonel, leading economist, and one of the most in-demand industry speakers, Tom Hegna will be our keynote presenter for The Total Practice Elite. Unlike many gurus who get you amped up with a compelling speech but leave you with nothing to take home and implement, Tom knows what it takes to sell having been a Vice President at New York Life responsible for training their entire sales team.

Here’s a sneak-peak at what Tom will cover at the event:

  • Learn how to position guaranteed lifetime income with every client you meet with
  • Walk away with real sales concepts you can implement in your practice right away
  • Acquire the ability to use stories in your appointments as powerful selling tools


Digital Marketing

Able Financial Group is excited to showcase our premier marketing program at The Total Practice Elite. We won’t hold anything back, and we’ll share with you everything we do to generate high-quality annuity leads for you online.

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Here are a few of the things that make Digital Marketing one of the most innovative marketing programs ever made:

  • Exclusive territories: One advisor per market. That’s it. Eliminate the competition by getting access to an exclusive territory. (click to read more)
  • Top Page Rank: With our innovative approach to online marketing, we’ll drive qualified traffic to your landing page by getting your site ranked at the top of search results.
  • Reliable lead volume: As great as seminars can be, many advisors fail to capitalize on all the potential business, because the sales process for 20-30 clients is crammed into a one or two week window. Digital Marketing creates a reliable and repeatable stream of business and can be scaled for any volume of leads.
  • A to Z Sales Process: Leads are great, but having a proven system to convert these leads into sales is where the rubber meets the road. We’ll show you one of the most innovative point-of-sale tools that make getting business from Digital Marketing easy.
  • Innovation: With a long track record of success, we’re constantly adapting our approach to make the innovation of online marketing a constantly more valuable tool. We’ll show you the cutting edge features we’ve added to constantly improve this prospecting machine.


Future of Marketing

Apple Computers Founder and CEO Steve Jobs became renowned for making some of his biggest product announcements by ending his presentations with “one more thing…”. At Able, we’re planning an unveiling of our own, and we have “one more thing” planned to show you at The Total Practice Elite. While we can’t tell you just yet what this “thing” is, we will tell you that it’s going to make your job a lot easier, and will directly impact your bottom line. Come to The Total Practice Elite, and you’ll be the first to know the next innovation in marketing.

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  • Attendees to The Total Practice Elite get first access to this “one more thing…”
  • Tools to increase your efficiency to the point that you feel like you have your own assistant
  • Leverage the power of technology in your business to know more about your next client


Sales Tools

Too often we talk about marketing programs and new products to the point that we overlook essential business functions like sales. All the leads in the world don’t matter if you don’t have the tools and skills required to turn that lead into a client. At The Total Practice Elite our Director of Sales and Co-Founder of Able Financial Group, Brian Rector, will share with you three powerful sales tools that you can use with your clients to make a big difference with the appointments you have in 2015. Whether you use a laptop in your sales meetings or if you prefer pen and paper to make your communication stick, Brian has tools that will make your appointments better and more profitable in 2015.

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  • First Appointment Sales Tools to get the most powerful information in your client’s hands right away
  • Second Appointment Sales Tools to make your solutions resonate as a comprehensive income plan
  • Digital Sales Tools that will engage clients like never before

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