Able Financial Group, LLC

Unlocking the secrets to success in 2015

The Total Practice Elite is unlike any training event you’ve seen before. It’s not a pitch-filled recruiting event disguised as a training session. At the Total Practice Elite we’ll drill deep into three imperative topics that will make a difference in your practice immediately and enable you to achieve your goals in 2015.


Keynote Speaker – Tom Hegna

Author of two best-selling books, retired Lieutenant Colonel, leading economist, and one of the most in-demand industry speakers, Tom Hegna will be our keynote presenter for The Total Practice Elite. Unlike many gurus who get you amped up with a compelling speech but leave you with nothing to take home and implement, Tom knows what it takes to sell having been a Vice President at New York Life responsible for training their entire sales team.

Here’s a sneak-peak at what Tom will cover at the event:

  • Learn how to position guaranteed lifetime income with every client you meet with
  • Walk away with real sales concepts you can implement in your practice right away
  • Acquire the ability to use stories in your appointments as powerful selling tools


Whether you have been selling for years or just started in the business, you can always learn new, effective ways to present and close. Brian Rector, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, will show you how to use our two-part Point of Sale system to increase your sales.


“I close everyone I talk to, I just don’t get in front of enough people.” We hear it every day, and at The Total Practice Elite, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing, Jonathan Musgrave will show you how to leverage our 8 proprietary marketing programs to get you as many new prospects as you can handle.


Case design is much more than running illustrations. When we do case design for our agents, we not only make solid product recommendations, we arm you with all the knowledge you need to close the case. We’ll show you how our case design process in unrivaled in the business.